Friday Links: June 21, 2013

Goblin as Greta X

Empty Saturday afternoon with Rob + wigs + our dog who will do anything for freeze-dried liver = joy. (Follow me on Instagram: anjaliruth)


What I’ve been reading:

Cheating Ourselves of Sleep – The New York Times

Research shows that most people require seven or eight hours of sleep to function optimally. Failing to get enough sleep night after night can compromise your health and may even shorten your life. From infancy to old age, the effects of inadequate sleep can profoundly affect memory, learning, creativity, productivity and emotional stability, as well as your physical health.


Frappuccino Quantified: Starbucks to Add Calorie Counts – The Atlantic

The point of public health is not to dictate personal behavior, however many times the soda industry dresses Mayor Bloomberg as a nanny. The point is to make the default food environment more healthful, and mandatory calorie labeling has an important curbing effect on businesses that don’t want to look like they’re only offering high-calorie, unhealthy offerings.


The Obesity Era – Aeon

Yet the scientists who study the biochemistry of fat and the epidemiologists who track weight trends are not nearly as unanimous as Bloomberg makes out. In fact, many researchers believe that personal gluttony and laziness cannot be the entire explanation for humanity’s global weight gain.


What Happens When You “Smoke” Alcohol? – Slate

The main difference between inhaling and ingesting alcohol isn’t the caloric content but the speed of absorption, which is what scares public health experts. Inhalation is a faster way to deliver intoxicants to the brain, so smoking alcohol produces a quicker and more intense high than drinking it.


What I’ve been cooking (at The Kitchn):

Savory Egg Crostata with Butter and Mint 

Essential Summer Recipe: Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing

My Staple Summer Cocktail Recipe: Campari & IPA Spritzer

…and thinking about cooking:

Blueberry Yogurt Pie with Granola Crust – Leite’s Culinaria

A Salad with All of the Peas, Potatoes, Acidulated Shallots + Creamy Dill Dressing – The First Mess


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