Friday Links: February 17, 2012

On fruit day in my food prep class, some genius made Thai green papaya salad. (Find me on Instagram: anjaliruth.)


What I’ve been reading:

McDonald’s Teams Up With Humane Society To Phase Out Pig Crates – NPR

Heart Attack Grill Customer Has Heart Attack — While Eating 6,000-Calorie Burger – LA Weekly

Charles McIlvaine, Pioneer of American Mycophagy – The Smithsonian

Why Farms Want Cold Winters – Gilt Taste


What I’ve been cooking:

Perfect Baked Polenta – LA Times

Spicy Oven-Roasted Chickpeas – The Kitchn

Asparagus & Ricotta Tart – Apples & Onions

…and thinking about cooking:

Lamb-and-White-Bean Chili – New York Times

Bay-Smoked Potatoes – LA Times


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